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tv   [untitled]    March 5, 2012 8:00pm-8:30pm PST

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>> okay, let's get started. welcome. this is the regular meeting of the board of education of the san francisco unified school district for february 28, 2012. it is now called to order. >> [roll-call]
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>> please join me in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands one nation, under god, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. >> let's move on to item a, approval of the board minutes from february 8, 2012. >> so moved. >> second. >> any corrections? roll-call. >> [roll call]
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5 ayes. >> presentations to the board of education, superintendent's report. superintendent garcia? >> on a positive note, as of this week, we have the opportunity to acknowledge school administrators and later on we will recognize them. the first week of march is identified as the week of the administrator and we want to send out kudos to the principals who are critical to make innovation and exciting things happen and i hope to be extremely supportive of our teachers and everyone who creates the magic at a school site and the ones who won the bureaucracy as well. -- who run the bureaucracy as well. it takes a big team and we appreciate it. [applause]
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this meeting, i think i can speak for the entire board -- we hate having this meeting every year. talk about the tradition i think the state of california would break, it's the tradition of layoffs. we're finally closing the achievement gap in the school district and showing phenomenal result out there. our whole community is coming together to make sure we care about all children and then we have to give out layoff notices. it's a tragedy the state cannot find the resources to care about our young people. today, as you know, and the last couple of years, we cut over $113 million of our budget. this year we are faced with the potential of having to cut another $83 million over the next two years. that's even as the governor's
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tax initiative passes. if not, it gets up into the $120 million range. the budget was based on a $9.2 million deficit. as you read, the state revenues are projected to fall even shorter and the estimate would be an additional $6.5 billion. -- we used to say don't worry, things could get worse, but you almost hate to say because everytime we say it, they do get worse. when you look at all the different things we are having to do to get through these financial budgets, we are in the midst of negotiations and we are looking at next year, what are we going to do, and if you have a clear out of the woods, we've got to tough years ahead of us. the layoff procedures are not any thing dictated appear by anything standing before you. we have to look at if worse
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comes to worse, and even if these things passed, we have not negotiated any thing. we have to come up with a number that has to be large enough that we can show fiscal solvency. we just had our bond rating last week. we have managed to stay with a good bond rating and the bond traders looked at whether you can handle your debt. what's the plan when you are going to have an $83 million deficit coming your way? it's a horrible situation, but at the same time, we will get through this. it is going to take time and a lot of energy. if the entire state of california was as good as san francisco as supporting
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students and if everybody did that in the state, we would not be in this mess. unfortunately, we are our own country and san francisco where people care enough to support us. everybody, all of the -- all of the parents -- the real enemy in this situation where we have to focus to make a change is we have to get a structural situation that actually focuses on education. we are now 48 or 49th in the country on how much we spend per student and we cannot keep doing this. i need to tell you that we apologize for having to go through this. this is by no way talking about this honoring the work everyone is doing out there. we know that you are doing a fabulous work but we
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unfortunately have no choices. i'd read this evening, but it is something we have to do to show we are fiscally solvent, but otherwise we open the door. there are over 122 districts right now already under watch and may be taken over by the state because they are physically and solvent. if it is tough to solve things ourselves, i imagine having the state come in to try to solve the problems. they can't solve their own problems. it is tough, but we have to stick together to make this happen. thank you very much. [applause] incidentally, tomorrow, i'm spending a couple of hours with a group of superintendents in sacramento with the governor to share with him what's going on in the state and how really does affect the schools in our
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communities and above all, what it does to our children. we are going to have a lively discussion tomorrow. >> thank you. let's go to the next item, recognition and resolutions of commendation. we are going to be picking up the school administrator resolution here. is there a motion? >> so moved. >> second. >> a reading by the superintendent. >> it is my pleasure -- [laughter] it is my pleasure to read this
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recognition. whereas the school administrators are passionate, lifelong learners to believe in the value of quality public education and whereas the title school administrator is a broad term used to define its many educational leadership posts and others are considered a will legislators and whereas the san francisco unified school district has principles, assistant principals, supervisors, program administrators, and child development site managers and, whereas, providing quality service for student success is paramount for the profession and, whereas most school administrators began their careers as teachers, the average administrator has served in the administration for a decade and most experience is beneficial to effectively lead public education and improve student achievement and, whereas, public
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schools operate with lean management systems across the nation. public schools employ fewer managers and supervisors and most public and private supervisors, including utilities, construction, publishing, and public administration and, whereas school leaders depend on a network of support for school communities, followed administrators, teachers, parents, the students, businesses, community members, board trustees, colleges and at universities, community and face-based organizations, elected officials, a district and county staff and resources to promote ongoing student achievement and success and, whereas, research shows great schools are led by great principles, these sites leaders are supported by extensive networks throughout the state
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and, whereas the state of california has declared the first full week of march as the week of the school administrator and, whereas the future of california's public education system depends upon the quality of its leadership, therefore, be it resolved the board of education recognize the first week in march as school of the minister's weak in the san francisco unified school district and commands highly all school leaders of this district for the many contributions they make too successful student achievement. mr. president? >> yes. >> we are very honored this evening to announce we have a number of administrators to have
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been recognized by california's school administrators specifically for region five. we own the of these awards, as you will soon see. i would like to recognize our president and the superintendent, i would like to join him to recognize our award winning administrators. >> good evening, commissioners, mr. superintendent, members of the public. this is my 13th annual trip to the podium for the last 13 years to join in this annual celebration of the week of the administrators. we have some really wonderful candidates to introduce it to you this evening. but first, i would like to ask all members of the administrators union if you would please rise so that we
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could give you a round of applause. [applause] thank you. as the board knows, we have to under 34 members of our union here in san francisco. they work every day for the betterment of our students, schools, teachers, parents, you, and the community. i believe mr. bush meant that it all and his resolution. i'm going to share my time with our vice president to have a couple of comments. >> thank you. >> i'm be vice-president of the united administrators of san francisco. i'm so proud to be appear tonight. these administrators swept the
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region five awards. san francisco check every category. [applause] they provide such beacons of hope in many of our communities beleaguered by these tough economic times. we are so proud of the robust work done in all of our schools by the administrators that we are grateful for their leadership. next, i would like to introduce carol who will represent not only san francisco unified, but region no. 5. >> good evening. >> let me do something that is technical in nature. could we have a roll call, please? we want to make sure we pass
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this resolution. [laughter] >> [roll-call] >> thank you. >> good evening. it has been my honor and privilege to serve as president of the association of california does traders. this year, i want to thank jim for giving me another full-time job, because that is what this has taken. i am so thrilled. san francisco swept every category except for one because our superintendent has one in the past. >> you need to press the button again. >> there are past award winners
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and we want to acknowledge them also. this year, we have our esteemed group. they don't look like they have been at school sites all day. it is my pleasure to introduce the region five of ministers of the year. elementary school principal [applause] -- >> our next administrator -- >> when the deputy superintendent
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announced the names at the summit, people did not understand that is to that was. michael primer from roosevelt. [applause] secondary principle -- school of the arts and the academy of arts and sciences. secondary echo administrator from hoover middle school. central office administrator [applause] .
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and at the valuing diversity award. the district superintendents [applause] . >> we would like to thank the board for sharing their time with us tonight. we wish you good luck for the rest of your meeting. >> we don't need luck, we need money. >> can i make a comment? >> would you like to present to the foundation? >> yes >> of want to quickly
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congratulate the administrators and remind people the teacher and principal of the year awards are online now. we want to ensure all of you are nominating them and you have until march 23. you can't find the link to it nominate your principals and teachers. >> now, i would like to call on the assistant superintendent. >> thank you. president, commissioners, as you know, the superintendent's has more high eight needs and
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underachieving students than any other area. they face many obstacles, socio- economic, linguistic, daily when attempting to attend school. we know if they are not in school, it is difficult if not impossible for them to achieve academically. we try withstand advisers, attendance liaisons', principals and other staff to get them to school. parents try, but we need more help. the foundation works closely with us to give incentives to our children. they tutor them, they provide incentives. for this, we want to acknowledge and thank them. i'm going to ask the family and community and a director to give you more specifics before i
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read the award. >> thank you. i'm going to enumerate the items they have helped us with that are not listed on the accommodation. the foundation has contributed to college scholarships and helped with the reduction of truancy by coming to all of our schools and giving monthly parties to perfect attendance. they established the power of five, an incentive to increase volunteerism at the schools. they teach a chinese-language class that malcolm x and this will be their second year they will be providing a teacher appreciation luncheon for all of the teachers at the elementary
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schools in the sun. they teach environmental science class as well as insisting -- assisting during the summer program. the last two weeks, they helped us put on a chinese perfect attendance celebration in the bayview where 130 students were acknowledged. i want to thank a three have the commissioners that came and i have some pictures i will give it to you. wherever there is a need, whether it is coming up with statistics or developing graphs, they have been enthusiastic about helping. they have been very humble and respectful. the superintendent the zone has found a tool in this foundation and the happy campus program.
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i would like to give each of you a copy of the perfect attendance chinese new year celebration that we had. could you come up so we can prevent you with this commendation? [applause] >> thank you. we have members of the foundation. i need to put my glasses on so that i can read this. san francisco unified school district and the board of education honors the foundation. san francisco unified school district which is technology foundation which has been an incredible partner to the superintendent zone, bayview and mission.
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the foundation donated over 400 school uniforms to our students and members provide tutoring in math, reading, writing and teaching class is in environmental science and chinese language. they provide incentives and volunteerism and help sponsor perfect attendance where 130 students were recognized after four months after consecutive perfect attendance. their excellent work is a very much appreciated. thank you very much. [applause] >> rim be executive director of
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the foundation. it's a very special night for the foundation and for education in san francisco. this award belongs to all of these great [applause] volunteers. it is a very special not only for the volunteers, but for school administrators, for students, and for parents. of course for the education board here to be able to make this program a success. when i speak with our volunteers, she was so excited to tell me about a story in the
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school because the foundation is an international organization. if someone had a chance to read the newspaper, the founder is one of the 100 most influential people in the world. it is interesting to connect that award with this award. the common element is about influence and impact. it is the collaboration of the community organization and the community and school that collaborate together that can make an impact. she was so excited to share with me a story because we are
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building three schools in haiti after the earthquake two years ago. the foundation is trying very hard to build schools. when this message was passed to students in a school that we were helping, i think it was a fourth grader. those kids, after they hear about the situation in haiti and what we wanted to do with the schools, the kids, the students, they voluntarily wanted to raise money for this project. these are students from families in need. needy family children. they got together and come up with 11 ideas of how to help the schools there.
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it is this kind of spirit and inspiration that we see in that children. the hope of our future. vesey's of love and their minds and their heart that this organization and all of the volunteers are trying to uncover. it is a discovery for us as an adult and that is why this award is so special. when i heard that the economy is tough and we face budget deficits and layoffs, we face all kinds of not so welcome news, but one thing that has
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never decreased that never goes away deep in your heart is the heart, the love, the spirit. that will never go away and that is what this organization and the volunteers are trying to do. with that, i would like to especially thank the san francisco education board for recognizing such a wonderful award. when i heard some people might lose their jobs, volunteers will never lose their jobs. we're going to join the foundation volunteers. also, no pay cuts. [laughter] because we have no pay to cut.